Buylist Instructions for online submission
- Head over to the Buylist tab and sign in (an account is required to submit a buylist)
- Select Cash or Store Credit and search the cards you'd like to sell and add them to the cart
- Once complete, submit the buylist and await an email confirming buylist approval (24 to 48 hours)
- Once approved either drop by in store or ship your buylist to the following address;
ATTN Card Brawlers Buylist
7105 Rue Saint Denis
Unit 202
Montreal QC H2S 2S5
- If shipping your buylist, ensure that your full name and buylist approval email is within the package (please be sure to package your singles safely to ensure they arrive in the submitted condition)
- Once received, your buylist will be processed and checked for condition, edition and card quantity. Any buylist changes will be emailed to you.
- If store credit is selected, it will be added to your account
- If cash payout is selected, an email will be sent to you with a buylist form to fill out and we will communicate with you on how to proceed with a PayPal or Interac Transfer payment

**Note, if buylists are not received within 14 business days, buylist price is subject to change based on current market values and will not receive any bonuses if applicable**